Irene Hickman, D.O.
1915 - 2002

Dr. Hickman's degree is Doctor of Osteopathy. She was trained as an Osteopathic Physician in all of the modalities of the allopathic, or M.D., schools, but also something more. The basic philosophy is that the human body is a unit and operates as a whole organism.

She expected to be able to help her patients resolve their health problems with the therapies taught her in medical school. It soon became clear that only a few could be so helped. The majority of patients who came to her continued to be ill, tense, worried or unhappy in spite of her best efforts. She acquired training in hypnosis and began using this tool with selected patients. Many who had failed to respond to former treatments now became well.

Still, not all patients responded to her treatments. At a workshop, she heard a speaker telling about spirit attachment, and how to achieve releasement. It suddenly was clear why some patients simply did not respond to any treatment. From this came her work in Clinical Depossession, and her development of techniques for Remote Depossession.

Dr. Hickman is a member of a number of professional organizations, author of four books, and has been a speaker at several workshops and seminars both in the US and internationally.

Dr. Hickman is the founder of The Hickman Healing Foundation, dedicated to find answers to the 'Why?' questions of human illness and behavioral problems

Most questions are answered in Dr. Hickman's books. However, If you would like to have direct communication with her, just click here to contact Dr. Hickman via email. Yes, we know that she won't personally answer you, but her trained and trusted associates will.