Some Why? Answers

The answers to some of the 'Why?' questions are easy. Bacteria and viruses infect our bodies. Accidents cause physical damage. Traumatic experiences can cause emotional problems. We grow older and our bodies wear out. In the end, even the best of treatments must fail in the sense that we all have a limit to our life span.

It is the hard questions that we are interested in at Hickman Healing Foundation.

The material presented here comprises a new approach to human problems that has proved to be effective when other methods of treatment have failed. It presumes that we each consist of an immortal soul-spirit dwelling in a physical body. When the body dies, the indwelling entity leaves and has choices to make. It may go to the resting, learning place called "The Light." It may choose to stay near the dead body's burial place. It may stay around a familiar place or object or may attach to a living person.

Researchers have found that some attachments are not those who formerly had a human body of their own, but came from a place of darkness and have assignments of causing pain, harm, confusion or disharmony. These "dark" entities might be loosely classified as "demons," but I have found very few who exhibit the traditional "demon" qualities. They seem more to be rather unbright, bratty underlings of some more powerful "dark" authority. One possibility is that they are merely the result of negative thinking.

My experience has led me to accept the concept that we can be and often are invaded or possessed by beings or entities in addition to our own soul-spirit. After seeking causal factors for health, emotional or behavioral problems in present-life choices or past-life traumas without finding all of the answers, it is safe to assume that one or more entities---either Earthbound or "dark" (demonic) may be responsible for existing problems. Many of the conditions that have responded well to remote depossession therapy were illnesses or problems that had not responded to traditional treatments.

My book, "Remote Depossession" is intended to be a handbook for those who wish to learn to locate, identify, dialogue with and release those entities who might be in or around a living person for a variety of reasons. The ideal would be to find all such trespassers and send them to their proper place.

We who work with depossession are cautioned to avoid the temptation to think first that all problems are due to the influence of attached entities. It seems wise to first determine whether the problems are self-chosen without external or internal buried influences. These influences can come from choices made either in the present life or in a past life. Unless we realize that there are several possible causes for problems, we may be doing our patients or clients a disservice. Entity releasement will not solve a problem unless that problem has been caused by the presence of an attached entity. It is essential that we find and deal with the cause, whatever it is.

There are times when ongoing therapy is needed after all entities have been removed. If such therapy is needed, then we must realize it and refer them to whatever professional help is indicated if we are not qualified to care for the situation ourselves

My observation is that some people can completely disrupt their lives from their deliberate choices without needing any extraneous motivation. For these cases, the pattern of reward-punishment popular with Behaviorist therapists could be effective

My life has been filled with a great deal of excitement and adventure. By far the greatest excitement of all of my experiences has come since my depossession training in May of 1989. Since my training I have been a part of or witnessed transformations in people as possessing entities were removed and sent to "The Light." It now appears to me that the possible transformations are limitless. Neither time nor distance provide limits. Only the scarcity of trained workers prevents or delays widespread changes in the minds, the health, the emotional tone and behavior of great numbers of people. Let us dream about the possibilities---changes that this therapy can produce. Just as a little yeast (when conditions are favorable) grows and multiplies until it leavens the whole loaf, we could permeate the world.

There are still so few people trained in this work that even those who do seek help find it difficult to find someone who is doing spirit releasement. The urgency I feel to train as many workers as possible is compelling. This is a huge undertaking. As more trained workers enter this field, the sooner there will be hope of total success. I cannot even imagine that there could be a surplus of workers doing remote depossession work.